- Tilting type or Stationary
- Energy saving type (approx. 40%) Aluminum melting furnaces
.. with Recuperative system.
- Equipped High pressure atomizer type low box blower for
.. minimization of Oxidization loss during melting.
- Air/fuel control of flow control type for optimum combustion
.. condition.
- Automatic operation

- This machine removes impure gas in molten metal to inert
.. gas through blowing.
- Blower electric heater is equipped for prevention of
.. temperature loss of molten metal.
- Molten metal is controlled variably by burbling rotor for
.. improvement of efficiency.
- Bag filter type
- Blower type
- Dust is removed by vibration of bag filter by air quenching.
- Air Slip type / Hot top type / Wire rope type
- This machines are improved hydraulic systems for stable casting and smooth face of products.
- Utilities are consisted after consideration of cooling and maintenance.
- This machine is available to cut billet safely and quickly.
- This machine is equipped handling machine of machining
.. chip for cleanness of working environment.
- Aluminum billet lot maker
- Needle pressing & dot embossing type on both side of billet
.. after cutting by sawing machine
- Number & alphabet dot marking
- High efficiency R. C fan is equipped for minimization of
.. temperatures rising time and variation.
- Heat Pattern is applied for various products.
- This type furnace is secure safety of working and high
.. productivity by billet loading/unloading equipment.
- Under loading of Aluminum billet or coil, it is free to move
.. back and forth or left & right.
- It is available to start at low speed and driving at high speed
.. and stop at low speed for minimization of loss time
.. of process.
- Aluminum billet cooling chamber after homogenization
- Blower type
- Cool water circulation and emergency water supply

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