Aluminum Foam Board Metal Fiber Foam Aluminum Foam Stone
Aluminum Foam
Aluminum foam is the ultra-light metal that is formed by the mixture of melted aluminum ingot, increasing viscosity factor and foaming agent
... Density is 0.2 ~ 0.4g/cm3 (1/10 of Aluminum, 1/30 of Iron, 1/4 of Wood)
Acoustic absorption
... Porous foam and semi-permanent acoustic absorbent
... 100% non-inflammability and no toxic gas
Energy absorptiveness
... Porous foam is the effective energy absorbent
... Nonpoisonous, odorless, odorless and no harmfulness materials
... 100% recyclable
Metal Fiber Foam
Aluminum fiber that is manufactured by DEC & Foamtech is only 20 (1/3 of hair), it is much thinner than the existing product (50). This product is very porous, anti-corrosive, thermo-stable and exceptional performance in processing. As a combination of aluminum fiber, aluminum foam and aluminum mesh, MFF(Metal Fiber Foam) as a complete product will be solution to clients
Excellent acoustic absorption
... Excellent absorbing capacity against existing urethane, glass fiber, polyester
... Acoustic absorption rate : NRC 0.8
... 10 times lighter than aluminum
... Easy installation
Moisture resistance and Non-inflammability
... Moisture resistance, 100% non-inflammability and no poisonous gas
Excellent Processability
... Easy cutting, perforating and bending
Various uses
... Acoustic absorbent, filter, electromagnetic waves shielding material, heat exchanger, etc.
Low price
... Price competitiveness - expensive than the existing acoustic absorbents as glass fiber, polyester, urethane but it is semi-perm
... -anent and easy installation with few subsidiary materials
Alustone (Aluminum Foam Stone Panel)
Light weight natural stone panel ALUSTONE is a Composite panel which is heavy real stone cut into 3mm thin layer, processed and combined with ultra light Aluminum Foam. Alustone not only maintains panels solidity but also the weight of our stone is ultra light, so that it could easily be used in wide range of environment such as interior, exterior, container(train), yacht or cruise ship cabin, elevator materials, furniture and materials for remodeling old building.
Excellent crashworthy
... Applying the aluminum foam to back material to absorb the impact and using for prevention of demolition and crack (suitable
... fot earthquake area as Japan)
Flooring material
... Maximization of space utility - twice thinner than existing marble
... Excellent thermal conduction - back material of aluminum foam is more conductive than marble
... (Oriental Underfloor Heating System)
Advanced manufacturing method
... Existing marble composite plate (marble+ ceramic tile) : pressure process
... Marble composite plate (marble+ aluminum foam) : vacuum adhesion
Excellent exceptional performance in processing
... Easy to cut and drill
Easy installation
... No specialty to install

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