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Melapia is made based on stainless steel rod and wire by means of traditional weaving
.....Technology. It makes the building elegant, beautiful and comfortable...

It has a various applications and expression with SUS316 L stainless steel that have
....high-heat durability, high-anticorrosion. And it is different from general wire mesh.
....The differences are mixed fabric method with wire rope (cable) and Rod bar (wire).

In case of general facade panel, the sub frame should be attached for fixing. As a result of it,
....weight of structure can be increased and due to sub-frame, appearances are not good.
....But, in case of our Wire screen, within range of width under 5m and height under 50m, can be attached top and bottom without sub-frame. It means willing of design can be

Melapia can be easily maintained due to excellent anticorrosion, high characteristic against twist and scratch. Also, dust can be easily removed by brush and cleaner.

Melapia is no need separate joint part. It is functional material that most suitable to meet purpose with seal and exposure.


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